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TFP Love comes in all Forms
TFP Love comes in all Forms
Shirou x Child-Shiroyuki friendship & father-child relationship, Sasuke x Shiroyuki if you squint
It was nearing the night cycle in Konoha, some of the last bright orange streaks fading across the canvas to a dim beryl. The last twilight hour signaled the return of the sentries of the bordering forest to the Outside World back to base and the night replacements to take over.
Shiroyuki particularly looked forward to this part of the cycle, the reason mysterious to even herself. I huddled on the curved roof behind facing the Great Courtyard and its Grand Gates, attentively watching. Then it came. My watery pools glistened in their newly formed frost, completely intrigued.
The Guards came one after the other, though on some days, they returned in large droves like a super herd of Tauros or Buffolant. Their helmets covered their eyes and most of their face, they always looked so intimidating and serious, and I could never see what their faces ex
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Mature content
TFP Looking for You in the Sky :iconmessengerofwinds:MessengerOfWinds 0 0
Mature content
TFP On the Throne :iconmessengerofwinds:MessengerOfWinds 0 0
Shiroyuki Reference (Updated 2012) by MessengerOfWinds Shiroyuki Reference (Updated 2012) :iconmessengerofwinds:MessengerOfWinds 1 6 TFP Queen of Hearts by MessengerOfWinds TFP Queen of Hearts :iconmessengerofwinds:MessengerOfWinds 1 0 TFP Toshiro in Lolitaland by MessengerOfWinds TFP Toshiro in Lolitaland :iconmessengerofwinds:MessengerOfWinds 1 0 TFP Mischief by MessengerOfWinds TFP Mischief :iconmessengerofwinds:MessengerOfWinds 1 2 TFP Floating Willow by MessengerOfWinds TFP Floating Willow :iconmessengerofwinds:MessengerOfWinds 1 0 TFP A Monarch in Deep Thought by MessengerOfWinds TFP A Monarch in Deep Thought :iconmessengerofwinds:MessengerOfWinds 1 0 TFP Above the Clouds by MessengerOfWinds TFP Above the Clouds :iconmessengerofwinds:MessengerOfWinds 0 6
Transformers Prime: New Beginnings Ch 10
Chapter 10
Only 7 hours had passed since the reclaiming of the albino shinobi, both factions having to do their own share of repairs. Ratchet glanced over his shoulder, seeing how his patient was faring with his own optics, not his instruments telling him. She was at peace with the painkillers at work, ebbing away the unbearable pains that she felt earlier.
Mukuro was off the anesthetics 6 hours anon, and left along with Suzume and the other children because even though it was the weekend, their parents didn't want them out too long. The elder bot was happy that the adolescent pests had vacated. But he had promised the two shinobi that he would contact them if Shiroyuki's condition had worsened.
Her condition hadn't gotten any better, which worried him, but it hadn't progressed into anything grave. He would stay online; just to keep an eye on her levels. He had stabilized her hours ago using his instruments, and did all that he could. Suzume took over and used her healing jitsus to res
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Transformers Prime: New Beginnings Ch 9
Chapter 9
'So this is how I'll die? Is Arceus finally done with me? Is this the fate he has decided for me?  I was honored to serve you 'til the end, My Lord…  Please… Don't forget about your loyal servant on this lowly earth…' __________________________________________________________________________________________
Two beings occupy a lonely part of the universe, a different dimension, all to themselves. Radiating two powerful energies, Dark Vermillion and Light Ultramarine, Pearls and Diamonds they are. The separate space they occupy was created by the Roseate, as a private place for them to share together.
The Spatial Monarch opened his slits, angered and concerned his rubies. "I cannot just lay in wait any longer!" He loosed his signature roar, the dimension fluctuating violently. Several rips in the space caused millions of hieroglyphs to be sent inside and whirlpool around the two super beings. Opening a different portal, the multitudes escaped
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Mature content
Transformers Prime: New Beginnings Ch 8 :iconmessengerofwinds:MessengerOfWinds 1 0
TFP OC Yue by MessengerOfWinds TFP OC Yue :iconmessengerofwinds:MessengerOfWinds 1 0 TFP OC Raika by MessengerOfWinds TFP OC Raika :iconmessengerofwinds:MessengerOfWinds 1 0
Transformers Prime: New Beginnings Ch 7
Chapter 7
Another loud rude alarm woke her up. She slammed her fist on its top, crushing the poor alarm clock. She had an unusually peaceful sleep last night, no nightmares, no police sirens, nothing. Reluctantly, she emerged from bed and carried out the boring morning routine: get dressed, eat breakfast, make lunch, leave.
Shiroyuki exited out the front door, and just after she locked it, she had a visitor waiting behind her. "Jack? What are you doing here?" She asked.
The young man was rubbing his head nervously. "H-Hey Shiroyuki. I was wondering… since we both attend the same school, would you like a ride there?" In his hands was a motorcycle helmet.
"….." She wasn't exactly expecting a ride to school that morning, so there was a silent moment granted.
"Unless, you prefer walking… or running there… Which for you is even faster." He started to walk down to the curb, when something prevented him leaving her side of the street. He looked back and saw Shiroyuki holdi
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  • Eating: Lompia
  • Drinking: Ginger Ale
Sorry I didn't get this out sooner. Happy New Year, 2012 sucked.


Axen Flores
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Background: My name is Axen Flores. Born on October 13, 1995 in the Alameda Hospital.

My father is in the army and my caring mother supports our troops by giving donations.

I'm 17 and I am a junior in High School. Still has the same annoying pests as usual.

As my name states, Flores is my last name. You might say "Impossible, coincidence." or something like that if you know this one particular person: :iconstarscreamxmegs:.

Starscreamxmegs is my cousin, daughter of my Dad's younger brother. She's 14, 3 years younger than me. She has a brother named David, we were born the same year, yet I was born in October and he November.

Here is the link to my chatroom to the group I belong to:… Join the group if you like Camille's work of the TFP: NBNL universe and wish to RP.

I wanted to join this site because Camille, as of late, hasn't been herself lately. "How do you know that if you live in Alameda and she lives in Pinole?" you might ask.

During the summer, I come over to their house regularly to swim in their pool. Camille hasn't been herself since she's been banned. She's hardly eaten, she's no longer outgoing, and she doesn't talk anymore. She's been shut up in her room and rarely comes out anymore.

When I've come over to their house, I've recently caught her trying to commit suicide. Luckily, all her attempts were foiled but we're not allowing her access to knives any longer.

She hasn't touched her Bamboo Tablet or written any more of Transformers Prime: New Beginnings (I really liked her stories too! :( ). Only once she got onto her computer to write a new fanfiction.

I was really happy that she was back to writing again, but it was very dark with a lot of swearing. It wasn't the Camille I've known most of my life.

I got an account on here so that I could post her stories and artwork on here. She's already been to several therapists and there's been no signs of improvement. I wanted cheer her up, so that's why I got an account.

I care for Camille a lot, and seeing her so deeply rooted in depression, I had to do something.

I've asked for her permission to post her artwork and fanfictions, and she spoke her first word in days. She said, "Yes."


I care for my cousin, and I'll do anything to get her back to the way she was. The Camille I knew.


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